Business Alliances

Stem Cell Center of Georgia contracted as an affiliate with Cell Surgical Network in July 2014.

The history of the Cell Surgical Network

The history and background of the Cell Surgical Network began in early 2008 when Dr. Mark Berman, a cosmetic surgeon and international expert in fat transfer, began isolating concentrated fat for cosmetic purposes, using equipment designed by Dr. Hee Young Lee in South Korea. With Lee’s technology and further consideration after visiting Japan with Dr. Katoro Yoshimura and others, he quickly realized the therapeutic potential of SVF for degenerative diseases based on extensive animal studies and clinical work in the US, Europe and Asia. Later, in 2010, a GMP grade of collagenase became commercially available from Roche Laboratories and techniques for isolation of SVF continued to advance. Dr. Berman, in collaboration with Dr. Tom Grogan, a board certified orthopedic surgeon, began using intra-articular injection of SVF for various orthopedic uses and found that their experience matched the positive outcomes described in the literature. Dr. Berman began collaborating with Dr. Elliot Lander, a board certified Urologist, to develop research protocols to test for safety of various methods of SVF deployment. Dr. Lander and Dr. Berman created California Stem Cell Treatment Center as a vehicle for patient funded research. Protocols have been developed to treat orthopedic, urologic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, auto-immune, wound care, and multiple other disease entities. The center is founded on a multispecialty team approach to patient care. More than 1000 patients have received SVF deployment at California Stem Cell Treatment Center (CSCTC) and the Cell surgical Network. An IRB approved study of adverse events has been initiated and is registered with Clinical Additionally, a clinical research coordinator is employed to monitor the patient registry to collect valuable data and an online database is actively collecting outcomes data.

California Stem Cell Treatment Center has used its knowledge, influence, brand reputation, and web presence to launch an affiliate network of Stem Cell Treatment Centers under the banner of the Cell Surgical Network (CSN).

Affiliating Stem Cell Center of Georgia with Cell Surgical Network establishes our practice as a cutting edge research oriented member associated with well-established practice of like-minded collaborating physicians. Joining the Cell Surgical Network enables SCG to participate in a research network and benefit from the extensive experience developed over the past 4 years doing cell surgery. We are also pleased to join alliance with Ageless Regenerative and Wellness Medicine dba Ageless Regenerative Medicine. (ARM) ARM is a functional medicine practice also owned by Dr. Jamie Walraven. Functional medicine is an integrative, science-based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the bio-chemically unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance. The interface between functional medicine and deployed stromal vascular fraction derived from adipose tissue is natural. Functional medicine strives to determine the root of the disease problem and deployed SVF can improve the symptoms of disease processes that are inflammatory, degenerative or autoimmune in nature. Almost all disease processes land in one of these categories.